Our Family History – sharing your family’s historical stories

The Our Family History website is designed to share your ancestors’ stories, biographies and genealogy with friends and relatives from around the world and across the generations.

  • Pictures from the Our Family History websiteWrite down what you know of an ancestor’s life, perhaps from ancestry and genealogy websites
  • Sprinkle the story with family tales and some real historical background
  • Send it to us with some images to upload to the Our Family History website!

We can show family stories up to about the end of the First World War, and they can be read by your extended family and friends around the world, and not lost to younger generations.

Click on some of the stories here, such as Ebenezer Edmonds in the merchant navy, or Harry Sinclair, the farm labourer who was sent to India, or Arkadiusz Karaskiewicz fleeing the Russians and becoming a baker in London, to get an idea of how your ancestors might appear here.

How the Our Family History website works

First World War memorial pagesYou research your family, using genealogy and ancestry websites, and of course your own family knowledge, and write it all down as a short biography. If you can include the historical background, all the better. Then contact us through the website link, and we will give you an email address to send your script and any images you would like us to use.

The Our Family History website would usually only show stories from around 100 years ago or earlier, so as not to affect those who could still be alive. And please note that we are not allowed to show images downloaded from genealogy websites, or otherwise copyright.

While the website is new, there is no charge at all to upload your family’s historical stories. And once a biography is on the site, it will stay there for as long as the site exists, so that generations to come will not lose your family history.

We look forward to hearing from you.

So contact the Our Family History website now:

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